BioWare Double Feature at The Game Awards | Dragon Age & Mass Effect


Today at The Game Awards 2020, the team at BioWare delighted its fans with another new look into the new Dragon Age they’re developing for the next generation of consoles and PC.

You can find Dragon Age trailer which debuted at The Game Awards here:

The trailer featured the return of the enigmatic Solas, Darkspawn and the Blight. And the voice you hear may sound familiar as it’s being done by Brian Bloom, who is returning as the fan-favorite storyteller, Varric. This is a true Dragon Age saga full of exciting action and fully-realized  companions who will fight beside you as you explore new places within the world of Thedas.

But that wasn’t all, the BioWare team also surprised the audience with the first initial look at the next new Mass Effect game, which is still very early in development. Get an early look at the next Mass Effect game here:

With the Mass Effect Legendary Edition coming in Spring 2021, and BioWare also working on the next new Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, the development team is listening and giving fans more of what they want.

You can find some additional details at the BioWare Blog