Beyond the Veil – Bleak and existential bullet hell shoot ’em up hybrid now on Steam


Solo developer Incubator Creations is pleased to announce that their classic bullet hell and shoot ‘em up inspired debut title Beyond the Veil is now available on Steam. Combining RPG, shoot ‘em up and bullet hell elements, Beyond the Veil takes players on a cerebral story-rich journey in a post-apocalyptic world.

Taking on the role of The Wanderer players will explore the derelict tombs of the Gods in the Five Kingdoms, as they try to uncover why the Gods have abandoned humanity and how to get them back. The journey is not without peril though as players will face a variety of enemies, contend with dynamic weather and have to collect valuable resources to ensure their survival.

Combat in Beyond the Veil harkens to classic top-down shooters while the onslaught of friendly and enemy fire will appeal to bullet hell fans. RPG elements add an additional level of depth to Beyond the Veil as players will be able to develop their character’s abilities. They can choose to take on timed trials to gain powerful stats and passive abilities or earn weapons and items to help turn the tide of combat.

Every playthrough of Beyond the Veil provides players with a unique experience as procedurally generated maps and an ever-changing climate make each journey a challenge. Real-time bloody battles will keep players guessing and analyzing every enemy move, while resource management will present an additional challenging and unpredictable variable for players to contend with.

Beyond the Veil is available now on Steam for a special launch price of $13.49. To find out more about Beyond the Veil and Incubator Creations visit the official site here.