Archangel: Hellfire Now Available for Oculus and Vive


Skydance Interactive, a division of Skydance Media, today launched Archangel: Hellfire, an action-packed multiplayer mech game, and a successor to the award-winning story-driven VR shooter Archangel. In addition to incorporating the entire single-player campaign, the complete Archangel: Hellfire package features the new free roaming multiplayer modes, which are Team Deathmatch / PvP mode,  and a Cooperative Mech Assault / horde mode, featuring a full suite of maps and mechs. The complete PvP game mode will also be available as a free download to all Oculus VR and HTC Vive users with Archangel: Hellfire ‘Enlist Free’, allowing Free gamers to face off against each other and all Archangel: Hellfire players. Archangel: Hellfire is available now on Oculus, Steam, Green Man Gaming and the Humble store.

As a complete single player and multiplayer package, Archangel: Hellfire delivers both a compelling campaign and comprehensive off-rails online multiplayer gameplay. The single player campaign mode tells the story of the resistance fighter who joins the US Free Forces (USFF) to wage war against the corporate autocratic regime known as HUMNX to restore the world’s freedom. 10 years after that conflict, war reignites between the two factions, and players can wage this conflict in Team Deathmatch / PvP and Cooperative Mech Assault /  PvE modes in all-new destructible multiplayer maps and with new classes of mechs. From a war torn cityscape to a snowy mountain terrain, mechs can battle it out in free-roaming warfare in open combat environments with 6 different massive combat mechs and a menu of 13+ powerful, weapons and special abilities to choose from.

To help kick off the war effort, Skydance Interactive and Opera Event will be hosting the Mech Ascent  Championship, a Competitive PvP tournament to give pilot teams a chance to compete for $500 weekly prizes and a $2,000 Grand Prize, a custom bomber jacket and a Golden Mech. Starting today, players can make their mark on the game’s Leaderboard and for a chance to earn a place in competition. Click here to find out more

Archangel: Hellfire ‘Enlist Free’ is available now as a free download on Oculus, Steam, Green Man Gaming and the Humble store. This edition features the entire PvP multiplayer mode of the game, and allows all players to participate in the war between the USFF and HUMNX. Players who support the war effort and purchase the full Archangel: Hellfire experience will gain access to the Archangel single-player campaign, Cooperative Mech Assault / horde mode, six custom mech skins.

“The dream of VR is to allow people to be wholly absorbed in amazing new virtual experiences, and nothing is quite as exciting as piloting a massive six-story high mech and waging war with your friends. Through the team’s hard work and talent, they have fully realized that awesome experience,” said Peter Akemann, President of Skydance Interactive. “Not only can gamers experience the compelling story campaign of Archangel, but they can put their piloting skills on the line in epic online competitive PvP and cooperative matches with pilots from all over the world.”

Archangel: Hellfire takes place at the end of the 21st century, with the world in ruins as a consequence of a deadly ecological disaster. Countries are now under the control of HUMNX, a tyrannical corporation born out of a desire to “heal the world,” no matter the human cost. Leading the opposition are the United States Free Forces, who are waging a war of resistance against HUMNX to try and take back their freedom. Armed with an experimental weapon, The Archangel, the resistance has landed a serious blow on HUMNX, but the war is just beginning. HUMNX resources are plentiful, and while they may have lost a decisive battle, they have been working on weapons of their own to face off against Archangel-class mechs.

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