Albedo comes to Xbox One and PlayStation4


Merge Games will kick off 2016 in January with the release of Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space, an out of this world, first-person adventure that takes its inspirations from 60s pulp sci-fi movies.

Players must assume the persona of John T. Longy, a night-watchman at a partially abandoned, secret research facility. It’s just another mundane night when an explosion knocks the player unconscious. Waking in the complex’s basement with a gaping hole in the ceiling, gamers must first escape wreckage of the damaged building before exploring the complex and uncovering what’s going on. What are the strange, unearthly organisms that seem to have invaded the base? Is this some sort of biological experiment gone wrong? Players will have to You’ll fight for their lives as they unravel the mysteries of Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space.

Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space features a real mixture of game genres. The game’s overarching theme is one of sci-fi adventure but players will have to solve mind-bending puzzles in order to progress though the base, uncovering an intergalactic war that threatens the very existence of our world along the way. Some areas will call upon gamer’s first-person shoot’em-up skills to survive as they encounter mutated alien life-forms. Will our hero be able to use the advanced extra-terrestrial technology to bend time and save the earth? Take a look at the gameplay video and screenshots and try to guess the size of the team behind the game. Bet you didn’t go for just one but that’s the right answer! Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space has been a labour of love for Fabrizio Zagaglia (aka Z4G0). In the 90s, Italian born Z4G0 was kidnapped by a visiting alien race and disappeared for five minutes of human-time. After that, he began to develop videogames on as hobby.  Z4G0 was prolific, creating tons of different games; from sports to shoot’em-ups. Z4G0 claims he received a telepathic message from the outer space and began to Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space. Thanks to his alien skills, Z4G0 developed the game as one-man-team, in less than a couple of years! Z4G0 likes rock’n’roll, pasta and beer. He’s not so keen on edible vegetable-like creatures but acknowledges their existence.


  • A 60’s sci-fi, b-movie inspired narrative, with plenty of mystery and suspense!
  • Stunning 3D environments and detailed objects to manipulate.
  • Realistic and atmospheric sound effects will envelop you in your surroundings.
  • Adventure-style gameplay featuring puzzle elements and incorporating first-person shoot’em-up action.
  • Twenty detailed rooms to explore; each full of mystery, strange visions and intricate puzzles to solve.
  • An advanced physics engine making object interaction extremely immersive. Pick up and use objects as you would expect to in reality.
  • Over 100 items to interact with.
  • Unique hint system using a device to “see into the future” to help solve complex problems.
  • Multiple challenging mini-games and puzzles.
  • Unearth hidden areas, discover Easter eggs and unlock achievements.
  • Over 8 hours of challenging gameplay!

Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space is set for release on Xbox on January 20th and on PS4 (Europe) on January 19th with the PS4 (US) version following on February 2nd. All versions will carry a price tag of $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99.