Abyss Odyssey – Make it YOUR Game


Here’s another look at some of ACE Team’s Abyss Odyssey, starting off with Art Director Edmundo Bordeu describing the game’s back story in front of Santiago’s Cerro Santa Lucía, a location recreated in the game.   Game Designers Andres and Carlos Bordeu discuss the rich gameplay elements of Abyss Odyssey and go into how heavily focused the game is on player uniqueness and cooperation.

What does that mean? Well two things:

  1. The three main playable characters (almost every enemy is playable, remember?) are highly customizable by unlocking special attacks, which are mapped to only 3 active at a time. The special attacks can be further buffed with acquired points to create wide varieties of play styles. 
  2. The meta-goal of defeating the game’s final boss is controlled by player progress. Once enough players have defeated the final boss, he’ll reveal a new form and combat style, creating a new challenge for the whole community. 

There’s plenty more to come, so stay tuned!