4-Player VR Co-Op Confirmed for BATTLEZONE



New features and roguelike structure blown open in brand new gameplay trailer

What’s better than piloting the galaxy’s most powerful tank in VR? Piloting FOUR of the galaxy’s most powerful tanks in VR, with your friends!

Consistently one of PlayStation VR’s most lauded launch titles, BATTLEZONE takes UK studio Rebellion’s reputation for thrilling co-op gaming to a new dimension: four-player virtual reality tank warfare across expansive cyber landscapes.

Confirmed for the first time in a feature-packed seven minute gameplay trailer, BATTLEZONE’s procedurally generated campaign will be playable solo, or with 2-4 players online from launch.

The detailed “101” trailer also breaks down the game’s deep, rewarding gameplay loop; including hundreds of possible tank upgrades and loadouts, a challenging permadeath structure and deep strategic decision-making between battles.

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BATTLEZONE launches on PlayStation VR October 13 as a digital download and boxed edition. Pre-orders are now live at Battlezone.com

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